About us

Sree Sivananda is synonymous with quality grocery products, helping Bangalore eat and stay healthy.

Sree Sivananda General Stores is a well-known old Bangalore pride apart from being the best and most relevant in today's context. While we continue to work in the old mode of serving our customers on token basis, we are now equipped to engage with the new-age-customer.

Sree Sivananda General Store & Flour Mill was started by Shri. B N Annayappa in 1937. Currently, his grandson Mr. B P Suresh & his wife Mrs. Savitha Suresh manage the store. Under their management Sree Sivananda still remains the must-go-to place in Bengaluru for milled products & spices.Bangalore has changed so much across three generations, but popularity of our flours, masalas & mixes has only grown despite competition!. The area around the store is now a major landmark in the city, Sivananda Circle. The hustle-bustle of the city has tranformed this location into one of the busiest junctions with traffic signals, flyovers, metro lines crossing through. Heavier footfall year after year has not changed the endearing environment of old styled store. Mild aroma of spices, soft spoken staff, people waiting for their turn patiently still mark a typical scene in Sree Sivananda Stores .

The most in-demand products of the store are the flours, of all kinds from wheat flour, rice flour to moong flour, puffed rice that has fans all over the city & spices that include not-so-easily available ones such as fresh methi powder, amla powder, cinnamon powder, sambar powder and rasampowder. Apart from packs of dhokla mix, health mix and ragi malt, we now stock gluten-free products like buckwheat, quinoa, water chestnuts & millets.

The online store & app will now make shopping from Sivananda simple. Traffic is no more an issue to reach us. Not matter where you stay, reach us with a couple of clicks & Stay connected to the purity of our products.


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